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  • 2015, ‘Power struggles: the strategies and tactics of the anti-nuclear movement in contemporary Tokyo’, PhD thesis, University of Wollongong,
  • 2017, ‘The Sydney Homoeopathic Dispensary: A Social History of Homoeopathy in Early Sydney’, Honours thesis, University of Wollongong.

Book Reviews

  • 2017, Review of C. Cassegård Youth movements, trauma and alternative space in contemporary Japan (Brill 2014), Japanese Studies, vol. 37, no 1, pp. 140–2.
  • Review of Anne Allison, Precarious Japan (Durham 2013), Asian Studies Review, vol. 40, no 2, pp. 308–10.
  • Review of Karatani Kōjin, History and repetition, edited by Seiji M. Lippit (Columbia 2012), Japanese Studies, vol. 32, no 3, pp. 480–2.
  • Review of Gender and labour in Korea and Japan: sexing class (New York 2009), Intersections, no 28,

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Japanese Language Publications

  • 2013, ‘Uran saikutsu o tometara, genpatsu wa tomaru: hankaku undō no nichigō rentai ni mukete’, People’s Plan, no 60, pp. 4–8.
  • 2013, ‘Hankaku undō no nichigō rentai ni mukete: uran saikutsu o tometara, genpatsu mo tomaru’, call, no 1, 11 March.